Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Beatles! New Amigurumi Pattern

Always wanted to do the Beatles, and I got a special request from a fan that was actually in attendance at one of their concerts in the 60s! It was a treasured memory and he wanted to immortalize the guys in cuddly yarn form. Who can blame him? So I made him these:

The Beatles crocheted amigurumi, Hard Day's Night era

And just because I have always wanted to, I also wrote patterns for them. They are 10" tall (except Ringo, 9.5"), so a little shorter than the dolls in my BOOK, and they are pretty quick to work up. My favorite thing about the pattern is that each Beatle is the same except for the length of the legs and the hair, and of course the face. The pattern gives you all the alterations you need to make each of the Fab Four unique and special with all the little details.

Buy the patterns here, on Ravelry or Etsy! Both are instant downloads!

Here's more photos!


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