Monday, February 3, 2014

Twelfth Doctor Who

When I started sketching out my second set of Doctor Who dolls, the costume that Peter Capaldi would be wearing as the 12th Doctor had not been released. In his first appearance he had been regenerated from Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor, so had the same clothes. Last week the BBC released photos of the new Doctor's wardrobe and I have to say, I'm really digging it. Although there's no fun knitwear for fans to recreate, there is a real element of cool to his simple Crombie coat and brogues.

I made the Twelfth Doctor and the pattern is now available. Take a look.

We don't know much about this Twelfth Doctor yet. Are you looking forward to see him in action or are you missing Matt Smith?

Purchase the Twelfth Doctor pattern here. Have you seen my War Doctor? Here's the first set including the TARDIS in case you missed it.


  1. awesome......which resin u used to stiff it?

  2. Love it I want one

  3. This is fantastic! I have to say that Matt Smith is my Doctor Who, though Peter Capaldi is growing on me, especially after last weeks episode. Have yet to watch tonight's, will keep that for tomorrow. Jean

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