Thursday, January 30, 2014

The War Doctor is Here!

Last year around this time, I was releasing my huge set of Doctor Who patterns. I took a custom order for Christmas and was thrilled to make a complete set of Doctor Who dolls, starting with the First Doctor way back from the 60s, to the then-current Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. Together with the TARDIS, the patterns have been really fun for lots of Whovians!

Starting out the new year, I've been commissioned to make another epic set of Doctor Who dolls! In no specific order, they will all be releasing one at a time in the coming months and will include:

Susan (First Doctor's granddaughter)
Sarah Jane (in her red and white overalls)
K-9 (because how can I the collection be complete without a robotic dog, I ask??)
Rose (so many requests for her!)
Captain Jack (and so many requests for Captain Jack Harkness, from Torchwood fans too!)
Donna (and fans of The Office can pretend she's Nelly)
Rory (planning to do his Roman Centurion outfit)
Amy (short shorts and boots of course)
River (and I'm excited to do her hair!)
Clara (I am in love with her wardrobe)
Weeping Angel (can I blink at all while I make this??)
Ood (this will creep me out the whole time I'm crocheting it...)
Cyberman (from the "distant future")
Dalek (what color should he be??)
The Master (there's a few, but mine will be blonde...)
Twelfth Doctor (hooray for the new photos! Can I crochet Doc Marten brogues? We shall see...)

and finally, the War Doctor!

Spoiler alert! I've already made him! The pattern has been released today, and he was really fun to do. John Hurt is an amazing actor and I love how this Doctor has so much character, from his faux hawk down to his half-gaiters (did you know those boot cover thingys are called half-gaiters??). He's got a lot of detail which is really fun to do (my favorite part of making AmiguruME dolls...) and I can't wait to see people start posting pictures of their War Doctors on my Facebook page or Ravelry. 

Here's lots of photos of the new Doctor...

What do you think? Will you be making a War Doctor yourself? Which Doctor Who doll should I make next?


  1. This is wonderful! I'd love to see one of Eight's variations. :D

    1. Thanks Marx! Which Eight?? Glad you like him!

    2. Why not *all*? :: laughs :: I'm not Marx, but I'd love to see pre-regeneration Eight or his later Big Finish audio outfit. :) Eight was my first Doctor and he's always had a special place in my heart(s). :)

    3. I am back on the Doctor Who wagon after falling off due to crochet overload!!! Hoping to get the 8th one done in time for ComicCon Cardiff to give to Paul McGann :) Voting for the 12th Doctor to be next please , love your designs and cannot wait to make them all x

    4. I love the look of Eight so I'll definitely keep the other outfits in mind after I get this list done! @Rachelb75 you MUST take pictures if you get a doll to Paul :-)

    5. I did! Sorry it's not a brilliant pic but it's on your Facebook page. Bernard Cribbins and Katy Manning were there too, there's another one in November but no idea who will be guesting then :) His green coat only had one arm (ran out of time!) so the doll is coatless but he said to pass on his thanks to you and that it was cool!

  2. Any ideas where I can find the flesh color or an alternative? All of the stores here don't carry that color. It's even harder to find online without paying an arm and a leg.

    1. I used peach, but a light beige or tan works great! Vanna's Choice in beige is my go-to skin color alternative. I bought a large supply of this peach a while back and have since seen it online in several places, like and
      Hope that helps!

    2. Oh and this is Caron Simply Soft. In my book I have a whole section dedicated to listing various skin tones of yarn, since they are always difficult to find!

  3. Wow, This is VERY exciting news!! I had hoped you may do companions My wallet is crying already lolz..I had contemplated making a weeping angel from your book (putting a bottom of a long skirt) but the wings kind of took me back a little. Think you should stick with the Bronze Dalek the colours can easily be manipulated by the crocheter to create any type from a basic pattern (like the classic grey ones with blue bumps etc) I'd like to see 12 done next or possibly Rose as most New WHO fans are crying over themselves in love with her and 10

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